Marry the Right Person

With thousands of people on planet earth, finding the perfect mate is usually a challenge. How do you know when your “soul mate” and companion forever will pass your way? How will you know when you have discovered the appropriate person to get married? The truth is usually that relationships tend to be developed, not […]

Masturbation is it Okay?

The Bible isn’t going to mention masturbation by means of name. That means we must ask some questions to apply the appropriate rules from God’s Word to get His perspective around the issue. It’s obvious Our god created sex to get enjoyable, but what exactly is the setting He upholds as the place for sex […]

Bible Reading Program

What is the Bible Reading Program? In our work of preaching God’s truth and preparing Christ’s Bride for His return, theUnited Church of God, an International Association, is producing this Bible study program involving the entire Church and any others interested in participating. The program is essentially a Bible reading program, in which we read through the entire Bible, […]

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